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Kitchen Installation

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Tips for hassle-free kitchen installation

A novel balance between aesthetics and utility is a design for everyday life. We at TransTrip can help you get a kitchen which does this at a surprising price.
Laminated doors are not just highly fashionable but reassuring at the same time. Wood, Design Glass, Stainless steel and Aluminum components will give your kitchen a rich international look. A variety of color options in distinctive designs and styling will allow you to personalize your kitchen to your specific needs and desires.

Step-by-step kitchen installation guide

If you are about to install a new kitchen you need to ensure that you have a well-planned design in your hand. You must call in professional service engineers and plumbers to fit all appliances, sink and taps properly. You can take help from design consultant who can guide you to select the best deign that will suit your needs. Ensure that you understand the kitchen lay out well in advance so that you can make few alterations before the installation process actually begins. If necessary, read all the information contained in the guide.

Getting the right person to do the job

Start with arranging every item you have purchased for your new kitchen according to its requirement. To avoid last minute hurry, get all the equipment and items, which you plan to purchase for your new kitchen. It is advised that you carry out all pre-installation works like repositioning of gas, electrical sockets and taps before installing the kitchen. Organize each package like base cabinets, tower cabinets, wall cabinets, worktop, appliances, sinks and accessories according to requirement. Unwrap each of these packages in sequence to avoid confusion and damages. Start with the most basic step of getting the exact measure for cabinets, worktop and sinks.

A service engineer is well equipped to carry out detailed measurement for fitting cabinets, sink and appliances in their place. Once the engineer is done with the initial phase of measuring walls and floor of the kitchen, he can start fitting the base cabinets followed by the wall cabinets. Once the entire base cabinets are leveled and secured, it is time to move on to the next level.

It is recommended that you finalize the area where you want to install the cook top so that wall cabinets are fixed away from it. A vent is set up above the cooking area so that smoke and steam can escape from the auto chimney. Tower cabinet is an extension of your base, and if you require more storage area, then tower cabinets are the best. You can place then in a corner of your kitchen and it is fixed against the wall like a base cabinet.

Customize your kitchen to accentuate your style and performance
Once installation process is complete, you must allow your kitchen undisturbed for a set period of time before laying out your kitchen furniture, utensils, crockery and accessories. Decorate your kitchen according to your taste, be little imaginative when it comes to furniture and light fitting. There are lots of scopes for innovation, so go ahead and design a kitchen that reflects your personality and brings the entire family together on the dinner table.

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