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Kitchen Installation

Tips for hassle-free kitchen installation A novel balance between aesthetics and utility is a design for everyday life. We at TransTrip can help you get a kitchen which does this at a surprising price. Laminated doors are not just highly fashionable but reassuring at the same time. Wood, Design Glass, Stainless steel and Aluminum components [...]

What Furniture should you Dismantle?

Before we start talking about just some of the furniture that you should dismantle before moving house or whatever, don’t forget that you can use TransTrip to dismantle your furniture for you. You can do some (or all!) of this yourself if you want to though. Furniture removal can be quite time consuming at times [...]

Getting Ready for Furniture Removal

There are many reasons why you might want to remove your furniture from your home and just about everyone needs to do it at some stage. No matter whether you’re moving home or you just want to re-arrange your home, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time getting ready for the big [...]

European services

Due to distance of transit and variable weather conditions we will ensure the furniture being transported in adequately secured. We possess the suitable equipment and indispensable materials for an efficient removal within the EU. We guarantee fulfilling the order in time, while taking into consideration the highest organizational standards. Long-term experience, the knowledge of the [...]

Furniture in the hands of experts

Furniture News is the industry’s leading trade title, and has proved an enduringly successful advertising platform for suppliers of furniture products and services.

Trust and cooperation

Dumpster rentals in Gainesville, FL now discounted by waste removal company. City Dumpster Service has discounted its pricing for all roll off dumpsters, front load dumpsters and construction dumpsters when quotes are obtained from the